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Precious Metal Reclamation and Scrap Processing

Since 1867, Handy & Harman has used its experience in accurate and environmentally safe precious metals reclamation to return tons of gold, silver and platinum back into use. Utilizing the latest in industry technologies, your company’s scrap is put through a multi-step assay process. This ensures that every ounce of precious metal contained within your scrap can be recaptured quickly and economically. That means you receive the highest payout possible.

Scrap-to-Cash Program - Turn precious metal scrap into cash

Precious Metal Reclamation / Scrap Processing

Lucas-Milhaupt can reclaim the dollars trapped in materials containing precious metals of silver, gold, or palladium. We can unlock the value of your materials through our scrap-to-cash program. Sources of materials range from the obvious to the obscure. They include:

  • Scrap and reworked items
  • Obsolete inventory
  • Stub ends of rods and wire coils
  • Floor sweeps
  • Wet sludge from sink traps, floor drains and rinse tanks
  • Bench filings, chippings, and grindings
  • Brazing alloy drippings from brazing fixtures
  • Spinning and blanking scrap
  • Fuses, circuit breakers and electrical contacts

The scrap-to-cash recover program also offers businesses an environmentally responsible and cost saving alternative to more conventional refining or waste disposal options. A large industrial manufacturer that used to pay to have braze scrap removed as a hazardous material now receives payment from Handy & Harman for the recovered precious metal.